What on earth is innovation? Why a rat in your kitchen means a change is needed.

“Oh hi there I am Head of Innovation for The ABC Company and I will provide you with new products”

Ummmm. Sure Head of Innovation Woman/Man innovate away. Whilst being conscious that I have used the I word three times you can already see why people have an issue with the word innovation.



We don’t like what we don’t know. During my formative years in Digital Marketing I spent a lot of time using words like innovation and product development. I would then get a lot of funny looks when using these phrases with clients.

Innovation is any new activity that adds value to your business.
— Robert Oxborough founder of oXo Creatives

So let’s break it down - Innovation is any new activity that adds value to your business. It doesn’t have to come from online marketing. It could come from a new piece of software for the HR department. Or a new process for Finance. Or a new script for your Sales team to pitch with.

Innovation is the lifeline of your business!

Whilst I have spent a large part of my time telling you innovation is confusing, it isn’t just the word itself. Innovation is crucial to the life line of your business.

We have all watched Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares (assumption). For those who haven’t Gordon Ramsey (a red faced angry chef, see below) goes into Restaurants up and down America screaming at them. He usually tells them that they ‘need a new f***ing kitchen’ and ‘you have rats in your kitchen’ YUK. I digress.


Gordo is an example of extreme innovation. Whilst what he is doing is what I would call radical innovation, it is still creating something new that adds value. Businesses have a life cycle. Innovation can revive it.

Rats in your kitchen as a metaphor is where we are with Online Marketing. Too many businesses are getting the fundamentals wrong. If you need a hand with the clear up contact us below.

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