The South Somerset Circle - An introduction


Following on from many posts on Wincanton & Bruton there is now a sense of excitement, around where South Somerset is heading. 

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As part of The South Somerset group we felt the need to create the buzz between the wider communities. What about the villages surrounding the aforementioned. What about Castle Cary?

We won't be mentioning these place in this post, but as part of the series we will be focusing in on some of the other locations.

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The idea is to present, introduce and create some excitement for our communities. At this moment in time it feels siloed. Wincanton v Bruton, Bruton v Castle Care and Bruton v London ;-)

I have had conversations with people who indeed have a very different opinion. To these people I ask you to embrace the new model of communities working together outside of their immediate towns to create a bigger, better community for what we will position as The South Somerset Circle.

The idea? A collaborative community in which the above areas can work effectively together to support and strive. 

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How? Through initiatives, local influencers, big business we can get these types of people working with small businesses and the people in the area to take our communities to the next level.



Rob OComment