Responses to Wincanton v Bruton & additional attractions

Our article Why Wincanton is the new Bruton had an outstanding response on social media. I decided to put up a couple of favourites & make a couple of observations. 

Our favourite responses

"...don't forget Wincanton's

latest landmark" 

Thank you David Manjra

Thank you David Manjra

"you haven't been to Camden have you?"

Thank you Rajan Russell

Thank you Rajan Russell

I actually have been to Camden, promise; indeed the phrase 'Camden-on-the-Cale should be taken with a pinch of salt. :-)

"'ll be able to like a town

you're actually from now"


I am able to like a town I am actually from! Thanks Jon. Very good.

Positive response from

the Wincanton faithful


The uplift is indeed slow, but good things are definitely coming.

Cyril raises a great point around celebrities.

What is a celebrity? Is it someone who is in the public arena?

Or when in the context of our local towns is it local industrialists and personalities?

What do you think? It would be good to get your opinion on who you think is a local celebrity. 

A few observations

  • This article is indeed stating that Wincanton is becoming a fantastic place to visit & live
  • We are not saying that Wincanton is better than Bruton 
  • If you have or know of an interesting business in Bruton, Castle Cary, Wincanton, or surrounding areas in South Somerset why not contact us
  • For instance, we were grateful to be reminded of more high street locals which should be included

Blog reaction

What about Redfearns Thai food at night cafe useing local produce in the day. Geoff worked on Saturday Kitchen and With Michelle Roux Jr before opening in Wincanton
It’s a shame to waste space talking about Pegasus, which is no more.

Talk about Divine Wines! A wonderful wine shop and cafe with a great atmosphere and charming proprietress.

Just across the street, finishing touches are being put to the old HSBC building which is opening as a bespoke tailors.

Take a look at Bootmakers, next door to our fabulous post office, and speak to Ian and Sophia about their plans for this beautiful house which they’ve restored to its former glory.

Wincanton is getting better by the minute!

Wincanton is most certainly getting better by the minute, and locals are right to point out all the fantastic businesses in town.

We have listed some others which we can recommend. 

Other places that have had a fantastic impact in Wincanton are:

  1. Redfearns (2 South Street, Wincanton) - a fantastic all day restaurant/cafe. Outstanding reviews on TripAdvisor and well worth a visit
  2. The town council who have been working tirelessly to bring in the type of business the town needs
  3. Divine Wines (16 High Street) - the most established, friendly and (still) the best looking store front in the area - in my opinion 
  4. I am reliably informed there will be a bespoke tailors where HSBC (15 High Street) is.
  5. Andrew Barclay's Butcher (45 High Street) - mainstay in the high street which is a huge favourite with locals. Would recommend
  6. Chavela Mora (57 High Street, opp Memorial Hall) - fantastic hairdresser at the top of town. Heard great things about how friendly they are & great haircuts!
  7. The Nog Inn (South Street opp Natwest) - THE BEST ROAST, it is an amazing carvery at a great price. I hear the mid-week events are good as well

Businesses and people are what make a town. 

We would like to acknowledge every business in Wincanton that provides a service which makes our town a better place to live in.

If you have or know of an interesting business in Bruton, Castle Cary, Wincanton, or surrounding areas in South Somerset why not contact us below.

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