Why Wincanton is the new Bruton


"Who wants to go to Bruton? There's nothing there".

Just the adolescent angst of some teenagers (myself included) who thought Bruton wasn’t much of a big deal.

Oh how wrong we were.

In my previous post Bruton. Media hype? Or the real deal?  There was a sense of excitement over 'Notting Hill-on-The-Brue' but now there’s a New Kid On The Block.

Or if we are running with the above theme Camden-On-The-Cale.



For those of you who don’t know Wincanton, it is a town which has a very rich history.

Its previous, fantastic nightlife (The Pegasus -God rest its soul), cheese-making, the town market and, of course, Cow and Gate are all part of Wincanton's rich heritage. 

Image courtesy of  Wincanton Museum

Image courtesy of Wincanton Museum

Certainly, The Pegasus’s multi-coloured sofas and sticky dancefloor are sorely missed but,  it’s time for that mythical animal to step aside and allow the Pheonix to rise.

All jokes aside Wincanton is in fact my home town. I have always tried to see past the run-down high street and truly believe that Wincanton has waited long enough for its glory days to return.


Cue the savior: Nope not Chirs Moyles, but Lovington Bakery.

A modern, quaint space that is a bakery-cum-cafe or, as my partner likes to call it, a Bakafe.

The food menu consists of fantastic breakfasts with a twist. The lunch menu is equally delicious.

Images courtesy of Lovington Bakery



Bruton maintains it has celebrities; Kevin McCloud, Stella McCartney and Ferne Cotton have all been spotted in the local Bruton high street, but perhaps they are doppelgängers?

Maybe it behoves them to employ body doubles to frequent such charming British towns, to boost their profiles?

This article should be taken with a pinch or big heap of salt

I would like to say at this point that in no way am I suggesting that Wincanton is closing in on Bruton (growthwise), nonetheless it is great to see our local towns flourishing.

This article should be taken with a pinch or big heap of salt.

Image courtesy of  The Stylist

Image courtesy of The Stylist

BUT putting the Dovecote town to one side for the moment, it is true to say that the arrival of the new 'Bakafe' was always going to be good for businesses interested in Wincanton.

One factor that will help local business is now having our own 'real celebrity' namely, Lynne Franks (I know she’s real as I spotted her in the High Street). 

Rumour has it that she will be opening an absolutely fabulous “hub” in Wincanton’s fashionable East End.

Image courtesy of The BBC

Image courtesy of The BBC

Who is Lynne Franks?

To paraphrase from her amazing website:

"She positioned the UK as a world fashion leader by initiating London Fashion Week and the British Fashion Awards." 

It is also widely thought that she was one of the inspirations behind 90s Award-winning comedy Absolutely Fabulous.

AbFab as some call it was set in the world of fashion and PR with Jennifer Saunders as the immature fun-loving mother and Julia Sawalha as her sensible daughter.

Who knows maybe we can get a high street of 'real' celebrities.

Sidenote if Lynne would like to chat to us about why Wincanton was the best place for her then please contact us and we can do a follow up. Public plug complete.  




There are also super trendy BnB’s popping up. The one I have heard amazing things about is the Old Bakery in Bayford.

Run by locals, it is the ideal place for a getaway if you have visitors coming down. It is also a great place for tourists to stay and get a real feel of country living.

We should embrace every piece of tourism from this country and abroad

We should embrace every piece of tourism from this country and abroad, let's learn from other towns that isolating our town from tourists is by no means a good thing.

The aforementioned aren’t the only great places to go. I strongly urge you to come to Wincanton yourself to get a good understanding of how great the town is.

So why Wincanton over neighboring towns? Because we have celebrities and a bakery?

I don't have that answer, but do remember the Tortoise and the Hare and outcome of that particular tale. 

We are intent upon interviewing local businesses to help us put Somerset on the tourist trail and shall be in contact accordingly. 

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