Was Bruton a media hype? POST 2: SOCIAL MEDIA

My speciality is digital marketing, which includes social media e.g; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What I found most interesting was the number of Facebook groups.

I thoroughly enjoyed the original Bruton Facebook page as its posts were driven by quality and not quantity.


Another group that I love is Bruton Underground for community posting and discussion. We would all love Bruton to have a TFL style underground network!

This Facebook page is only for those that want "The antidote to on-line toxicity" and prefer "Positivity & Abundance" and most importantly "no vulgarity"

I am one for positivity in our local communities. Facebook pages (in general) should be about positivity and forward thinking. All vulgarity and abuse serve to do are divide us.

Finally, if you want a group which includes Wincanton, Bruton and Castle Cary The South Somerset Circle page covers this

Social media goes further than our local community pages. It is also swayed by national and local media.

Next week: National and Local media outlets

Rob OComment