The Bruton Packhorse Fair 2015


Community events like The Bruton Packhorse Fair 2015 never fail to entertain. After the late May bank holiday fair yesterday, the general consensus of those I spoke to was that there hasn't been such a well-run day locally in quite some time. The highlight was the dog show, which proved as popular as ever. Reactions to the event included:

Hope all the national press sent reporters to Bruton today to see why it’s really a great place to live. Art galleries and restaurants are only a small part of the deal. A raised glass of cider to the organisers.
It was a really great day! Well done to all involved, and thank you! Yet another reason why I love Bruton.
We are new to Bruton and have done Christmas Fair, Spiral of light and now Packhorse Fair. This really is a great community. Thanks to those who organised today.
Loved it completely. Perfect happy day with so many people working hard behind the scenes to make such a great day with all the front of house!

Thank-you to the organisers and stall holders who made this a truly incredible day for the locals, surrounding towns and villages, and those who travelled from further afield like Michael Eavis CBE from Glastonbury. We are already looking forward to next year, as I am sure the event will keep growing year on year. 

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