Brian Mullis Life and Business guru - ALRIGHT! Episode 1

As you will hear he chatted about a number of topics including:

  • Where it all started & "the grain of sand in the oyster" that is now his company Integrity LTD (up to 6m30)

  • Key factors to success, what is success and getting the right balance in life (6M 50 - 13M 20)

  • The next stage in Brian's career & the start of the path to enlightenment (13m 20 - 24m 10)

  • Being a "man", gender neutrality, what is a man? Looking at your "personality structure" & the start of Integrity LTD (24m 10 - 33m 30)

  • Education system, customising children's education to realise what they want, motivation for doing well at school and happiness (33m 30 - 43m 45)

  • Moving to Somerset and thoughts on the area Chatting to strangers in London, happy carriage on the TFL (43m 45 - 52m.50)

  • Advice on how to figure out what you actually want from life (52m.50 - 1hr)

  • Wrap up (1hr - end)

I have kicked off The Alright podcasts with a bang! To say Brian is an inspiration is a massive understatement. He is incredibly wise and his views of the world are frankly refreshing.

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